Be Careful WithSportdog Collars
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Author:  wheeler0351 [ Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Be Careful WithSportdog Collars

Hey I just wanted to post some 411 to help everyone make an informed purchase if you need a e collar. If you're thinking of buying a sportdog (like I was) then go to the Cabellas website and read the reviews of the sportdog 2400, 2500, and 3200. Tis a real eye opener.

Anyway, just wanted to pass that on. Here are the links... you just have to click on read product reviews. ... hasJS=true ... hasJS=true


Author:  Buckshot [ Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:52 am ]
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I have one of the Sport Dog systems and had no trouble out of mine.

Author:  soup [ Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:37 pm ]
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trashbreaker exp tri tronics model controls up to six dogs with 2 mile range. $419 with one collar add another collar for $130. if you buy anything else you are settling for less.

Author:  Buckshot [ Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:43 pm ]
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I don't think I am settling for less.

If it works and does the job.............I am satisfied.

Author:  bigdavidbeebe [ Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  sd 2400

I have the 2400 and I like it!! It will fry a dog up good if you have to use it and the customer service is great!

Author: [ Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:58 pm ]
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Ive had trouble with my sportdog, both collars and transmitter

Author:  TnBlackAndTan [ Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:13 am ]
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Most of them guys complainging bout the range are fools . It says that 2 mile range is in open flat ground , that 1/4 mile he was complaining bout was prob in the hills under heavy timber . We used to own one of them and it worked great , never had any problems nor did anyone else round here with them

Author:  BADKARMA [ Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:46 pm ]
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I have both Sportdog and Tri Tronics. The Tri Tronics collars break because of a defect but are nice. The Sport Dog one is tough as nails and has given me no problems and their customer service is excellent. Where else are you going to find a lifetime guarantee.

Author:  hicks gap cooner [ Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:33 pm ]
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i,ve got a sportdog system ,and its works great here in north gaof course it don,t go 2 mile here in the mts but it don,t take 2 mile to tell if your dog is doing something it shouldn,t be doing. you can either bump them or knock them down ,also mine holds charge for a long time. well pleased with it

Author:  spini boys [ Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:27 pm ]
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I have the SD-2500 1 1/2 mile range, 6 dogs, collars are $95.00 works great. I hear they have great service, but I have'nt needed it yet. I love mine.

Author:  plottchaser [ Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:03 pm ]
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those systems in question are the ones thats in a tube like tritronics right?

Author:  KingAcura [ Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:14 pm ]
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Ive own a HH 3200 and im now questioning the Quality of the Collar. First thing that happened to it was the plastic around the prongs just cracked off. Wasnt from overtightening either. Got that taken care of. Now the plastic lip around the on/off button is now cracking off. I dont know what to do. Love the the Collar just worried about all the plastic cracking and splitting.

Author:  gar_ [ Thu May 08, 2008 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Sportdog 3200

I just bought a Sportdog 3200 used from a guy that claims to be an ex field tester for Sportdog.
When it came everything looked good except the receiver and collar are camo. Also the receiver numbers don't match anything sportdog shows on their website now. They are SR200-IW and SWR 2.
I emailed the man and he says that the range comes from the transmitter and not the receiver. I can't find any information about that anywhere.
The only thing Sportdog shows being camo is the wetlands models and their max range is 3/4 mile although they don't show these model #'s at all.
I haven't gotten any replys from Sportdog support, I guess because I bought it used.
Just wondering if anyone has any idea about how bad I got screwed or if I did at all.
It does shock strong but I'm in the hills of AR so it's pretty hard to get a good range test.

Author:  Grzyadms4x4 [ Thu May 08, 2008 11:55 am ]
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I have had some problems with Sportdog products, they just aren't made as well, in my opinion, than tri-tronics. They don't have the range like tri-tronics does, but the range most companies claim weither it's for shockers, trackers, or two way radios are always on flat land with no obstructions. It doesn't take much to obstruct some of the weaker transmitters. Also Sportdog is made in CHINA! Tritronics is made in Arizona, which is still kind of part of the US. Just my $.02.

Author:  BADKARMA [ Thu May 08, 2008 2:11 pm ]
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The range comes from the transmitter only. They have 3 different collars and what makes them different is the power on each.

It does not matter to me where they are made. There are none tougher. Tritronics does not offer a lifetime warranty either. Made in the USA does not mean anything to me. Quality is not dependant on where it is made at. If you are looking at electronics in general it sure would not be the USA in the lead.

That Sportdog no bark 10 that I am testing is amazing. After 3 solid weeks on a dog there are no marks and the unit is very accurate.

The only thing I do not like about Sportdog is the receiver is a little larger and heavier. So I took one apart. Now I know why. They are built and completely sealed so they are waterproof and shock proof.