Issues with your Account on the Forum?????
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Author:  Buckshot [ Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Issues with your Account on the Forum?????

First, when contacting us when you have issues accessing your account, include BOTH your username and the email associated with your account.

Forgot your username? Then email us the email associated with your account.

With over 11,000 registered users, how are we suppose to know who you are????

Just send us an EMAIL with the info needed to look up your account - BOTH YOUR USERNAME & EMAIL ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT. EMAIL us concerning your account issues as we do not provide phone support. Don't PM us on one of the various hound sites on the net -- EMAIL US.

Here is the info we require to look up accounts in order to provide support: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=91359

Second, there is no reason to re-register a new username if you are having issues with your current username. Remember, if you re-registered a new account when you already have an account on the forum, your newest account will be banned. So instead of registering a new account, follow the above info.

Try using the "I forgot my password" feature if you are having trouble logging in or have forgot your password. (HINT, READ and FOLLOW the direction in the email you receive after resetting your password -- If the password you are emailed when you use the I Fogot My Password feature doesn't work -- that means your not following the directions in the email and not a thing in the world we can do when you do not follow directions -- our hands are tied as that part of the process depends on you.)

You may need to check your email spam box for the email you will receive when you use the "I forgot my password" feature.

Try to use the "I Forgot My Password Feature" before you email us. If that does not work, EMAIL us your username along with the email associated with your account.

If your email has changed since you registered and you can not use the "I forgot my password" feature because of that, email us your username, old email address, and new email address with a note that you can not use that feature since because email has changed.

We do not provide phone support concerning forum issues such as account issues (login problems, banned, and etc...), how to post pictures, deleted post, bad deals, and etc...

In the Concerning Site and Forum Issues section, there is help threads on concerning account issues and how to contact us and with what info that will be needed in order to look up your account to provide account support.

Very top right hand corner of the forum, the only link in orange is Having Problems Logging In?- Shortcut for account issues.