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PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:23 pm 
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We run the most up to date forum software program......the forum we run has been tested to run on the different latest browser softwares and the different latest operating systems -- excluding mobile.

99% of the time when someone has forum issues.........they quickly blame the forum, when in fact, the issue is one's computers.

Computers are not a one size fits all -- different operating systems, browser versions -- not to mention browser internet configuration, javascript versions, flash versions, and etc...

Depending on your browser internet browser settings or even the versions you are running as well as program scripts outdated -- you may have issues using the forum.

Your computer software versions, browser internet settings, and etc... are out of our hands as there is absolutely no way for us to control that.

The only thing we can reccondmend is to update your computer to the latest software versions, javascripts, and etc... It's FREE -- why not be up to date?

OK, so your computer is up to date and your still having issues -- now this could be your internet browser it up and see all the different settings, as you'll see, many different settings that effect how your internet viewing is viewed and how your computer responds to websites.

Give you an example.

So you have chosen to have it so when you come to the forum, you do not have to login each time.........You chose automatic login.

But the automatic login feature is no longer working on here for you. Everytime you try and do something such as PM someone or post a thread, you have to login's a cookie issue.

This feature works through a cookie that is stored on your computer.

If we upgrade the forum, most times a new cookie for the forum is as explained above, not all computers are a 1 size fits all...........that means some user's computers will not have any problems with the newer version cookie while some user's computers will retain the older cookie.

We have no control over your internet browser settings and how cookies are stored and work on your computer.


....the cookie has become corrupted on your computer. Here is a few ways cookies can become corrupted: the crashing of a browser, programs that are installed that work with cookies (cookie managers), your isp connection gets interupted during a cookie installation or don't defrag your computer.

The fix to bad cookies is to clear out your internet cache and cookies, reboot your computer, and then login back to the forum to get a fresh cookie.

New Forum Version

If you haven't noticed, we upgraded the forum (Dec 2008).........the previous forum version was PHPBB2. We are now running PHPBB3.

This forum works nearly the same way as the previous version but has some new features as well as small changes.........these are not forum issues but the way the forum works.

Solutions to Issues

Unfortunately, since everyone computers settings are completely different with different operating systems, browser versions, browser internet settings, javascript versions, and etc.... there is no way to help figure out what is causing the problem on your computer without actually sitting in front of your computer to view all these things.

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