Maine coon, cat, bear hunters
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Author:  MainesRugerDog [ Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Maine coon, cat, bear hunters

Still got three weeks left to run coons and good weather to do it :shock: Any maine coon hunters care to tell us where you're from and how you did, what breed(s) you're running, if you're running cats, or did bear too, any good/bad stories you'd care to share?

I'll start it off.

I'm in greenbush, just north of bangor, running my year and a half old treeing walker with my friend and his 3 yr old bluetick. First year ever doing this and had a blast. I absolutely love it. Looking to get involved with the calais and albion clubs in 2016. We ended up with about a dozen coon so far. My dog treed his first coons with no assistance last week and I was happier than a pig in s**t :mrgreen: Lot's of training paid off. Ended up being three coons in three different trees all within 10 feet of eachother. Explained why he seemed "confused" about which tree to pick. Just looking to network and meet more houndsmen in my area. Look forward to hearing some responses. I'm also interested in hearing about cat hunts up here, never done that either and it sounds like a good time.