SLC Utah, Sandy, Need help, someone to hunt with
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Author:  SdasenbrockUTAH [ Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  SLC Utah, Sandy, Need help, someone to hunt with

I am all fired up to get back into hunting.

Today out by sand mtn near Eureka a chased a MONSTER of a coyote in my truck. Every time i got close enough he would jet off, so i never got to dump my dogs on him.

I have a 3/4 plott 1/4 red tick bitch
and a half lab half weimeraner male

I haven't done to much training, so maybe its to late. But id love to learn more and go on some hunts. I am into hunting coyotes with dogs or without, either way. WOuldnt mind going on some coon day hunts this winter either.

Im new to the sport, but not new to the world. I have a truck, gear, etc.

Im easy going, the only thing i would say is i AM NOT INTO torture. I am not about chasing a coyote or animal then letting dogs tear it apart and such. Ive seen videos online of that behavior and I'm not into it. Im ok if a dog and animal get into it until i get there, but to just stand and film as 5-6 dogs torture a coyote that is so exhausted it is actually trying to jump into a truck for safety... thats not sport to me.

Im all about the sport, and hunting, and killing a coyote or coon is not a worry, just wanted to be upfront that I'm not into that other stuff. Had a guy willing to take me under his wing a few years back, but i saw some of his videos and i never went with him. You get a coyote under a truck exhausted, you leave it and go get another target or you shoot it while the hunt is HOT. thats just how i view it.

Please let me know, i would love to go get the monster out by sand mtn. ON the way back from chasing the dog i kicked up at leaf 30is rabbits, so they food out there is plentiful and dogs have to be running wild.

Please contact me here or even better at my email