Excessive BTT & Bumping Ads Getting Out of Hand
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Author:  Buckshot [ Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Excessive BTT & Bumping Ads Getting Out of Hand

We realize folks have something they want to sell or looking to buy something, but do ya really need to bump an ad couple times a day or everyday or every other day and etc.... when your ad is already on the first page of ad listings?? Some of these ads are being bumped are not even half way down the page.

Each classified section has 50 ad listings per page.

Wait until your ad leaves the first page before you bump it back up. No reason to bump a couple times a day or everyday or every other day and etc.... to keep ad at top if it is already on the first page. Replying to a posted question from someone is not considered bumping.

Instead of Bumping an ad before it leaves the first page, use the EDIT button to edit your ad to add additional info - IE; Pics, Pedigree, Phone #, Price, Location, Litter Updates, "Make Offer", and ETC...


We give everyone an hour to add to their ads with additional post.............anything after an hour is bumping or in hunting terms "scratched".

We realize that there are certain sections that do not go to Page 2 (Plott Classifieds, Leopard Classifieds, Cross Breed Classifieds, Training Facilty Classifieds, and etc..) least wait till ad is at bottom of the classified section before bumping as ads are good for 45 days before they automatically delete out if no post made to them (viewtopic.php?f=52&t=111718).

Our classifieds on the forum are a level playing field for everyone and we have a policy in place to keep it that way.

Some people are actually bumping ads that are already the third ad down...........Seriously, 3rd ad down from the top.

Last paragraph on this thread posted back in 2007:
Excessive BTT/Bumping post will also cause thread to be deleted. If user continues to BTT/Bumping threads excessively, user will be banned.

Before anyone PM's us and state others do it to, your right, and when it is caught, their bump post get deleted to.

We do not read every thread and post on the forum. We use the VIEW NEW POST feature and scan the post. We have a thread in the Concerning Site and Forum Issues section about not reading everything thread/post.

A post does not have to be a BTT to bump a thread. If you posted to the thread to bump it back up, that is bumping.

Edit thread title or thread instead of bumping of thr ad.

Example: So instead of posting ad tonight and tomorrow bumping ad with pics --- Edit the orginal ad with the pics.

More Examples: Post an ad and it is still on the first page and today bump it back up saying "I really need to sale these pups." or "gonna be nice pups" or "still looking for a dog" -- that is bumping the ad. If you need to add something, edit your ad to reflect the new info, whether the orginal ad post or your last post in the ad.

If you have a litter of pups for sell, no reason to post an ad with "6 pups for sale out of....." then turn around the next day or couple days later, and etc... and post "5 pups left" -- EDIT YOUR AD to reflect the # of pups instead of bumping the ad.

If you have multiply adult dogs for sale in an ad such as "5 year old out of...and 2 year old out of" and you sell one of the dogs, it is ok to post that one of the dogs is sold as we request users update their ads for sold items.......Same example applies to the Hunting Equipment section.

Bumping means To knock to a new position, thus bumping an ad is moving it to the very top.

We realize some people do not like this policy, but remember it is not like you are posting a paid ad. It's free service offered on the site. For those that do not like the policy, there are other hound forums on the net that also offer free ads as well that you can choose to post your free ads on.

The Bumping policy was originally put into effect in 2007 in just the Hunting Equipment Classified section.

For the same reasons the Bumping policy was put into place in the Hunting Equipment Classified section, the Bumping policy now includes all Classified sections.