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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:33 pm 
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After reading a few nasty emails today about not activating accounts immediately after some have registered not to mention one from someone needing support, I felt I should address Support, Contacting, Account Activations, & Etc... as it seems here lately we are getting those emails and phone calls in the middle of the night and on weekends.

To start with in the very first paragraph on the Registration Page there is a link we ask folks to read before registering as that link (viewtopic.php?f=36&t=13466) explains the account activation process (also explains weekend/holidays activations) -- so if your going to have issues about the time it takes for account to get activated, then DON'T REGISTER!!! We warn you about the process before you even register. is a HOBBY site.........I have other interest besides hounds. I am not connected to 24/7. I have a family that includes a wife and 3 kids -- busy enough with their schedules alone. I coach a team on weeknights and weekends. I do have a different life than just a website. I do have other hobbies besides hounds that I enjoying doing. So I do not live on here 24/7 and I rarely check my emails, phone calls, or visit the forum when away from my work computer via Mobile Devices as I am not a slave to the site.

Most weekdays (unless Summer Break), I am near my work computer at least 8 hours a day. Like most folks, sometimes I take the the day off or take a half day. I shut down for business on weekends and holidays. If you can not call me during a reasonable calling time, then don't bother calling me. I am referring to the middle of the night phone calls.

Speaking of phone calls, we have stated here in the Site News And Announcement section along with the Concerning Site and Forum Issues section that WE DO NOT PROVIDE PHONE SUPPORT FOR FORUM RELATED ISSUES OR DISCUSS POST OR THREADS. - Been that way since 2006 = viewtopic.php?f=88&t=18045

I am not like my wife when it comes to my phone. It is not connected to me like a siamese twin. LEAVE A MESSAGE if I do not answer. I may be on the other line, doing something where I can't answer, hunting, coaching, you name it. May be next day before I return your call - Depends how busy I am and what I have going on -- This is a HOBBY SITE and I have a life outside of But if you leave a message about forum related issues, don't expect me to return your call as WE DO NOT PROVIDE PHONE SUPPORT FOR FORUM RELATED ISSUES OR DISCUSS POST OR THREADS.

My weekday schedule is totally different than my weekend schedule. Since I am near my work computer at least 8 hours a day during the week (unless Summer Break or I take the day off or half day), I can activate accounts differently than on weekends. On weekends, I may only access, my computer twice each day - morning and night - sometimes in the middle of the day depending what I have going on. So like the Forum Registration Info thread states, we only activate accounts a couple times a day on weekends. No reason to send us a nasty email about activating your account when the link in the very first paragraph on the Registration Page explains.

For those contacting us because of questionable content on the forum, as stated in this thread (viewtopic.php?f=52&t=47049) we do not read every single thread or post on the forum. As mentioned a couple times above, I do not live on here 24/7. No need to send nasty emails cause I have responded to you about the questionable content. When I check my emails or PM's, I will respond.

With over 30,000 members, the majority understand and this thread does not pertain to them..............but you have those that must think we are here 24/7 or those that expect us to be here 24/7 -- at least by the emails, PM's, and phone messages I receive from them show.

If you want to go elsewhere, there are plenty of other hound forums besides -- Matter of fact we have referenced the below philosophy numerous times on the forum:

The forum rules and way it is operated is what it is............folks can either accept it or they can find another hound forum as is not the only one on the net.

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