575+ UKC on 01-15-2010
1100+ UKC on 06-11-2010
1725+ UKC on 07-03-2010
900+ UKC on 07-09-2010
1075+ UKC on 07-10-2010
675+ UKC on 07-16-2010
675+ UKC on 09-10-2010
125+ ACHA on 10-08-2010
125+ ACHA on 10-12-2010

TOTAL Points= 6975



“PR" Watson’s Boogie Man was originally purchased for me at six weeks of age for exercise because I had suffered a heart attack and open heart surgery two years before by my wife, Lesa Watson. Boogie Man was the semen son of Woodstock Grizzly, who had been dead for 14 years and I had helped the Woodstock Kennels by hunting different pups when he received a dog named Gross’ Rockin’ Rowdy. Unfortunately, Boogie Man was mistakenly castrated by the vet at 3 months of age. After a week of crying and calls all over the United States, a pup was located that was also a semen puppy of Woodstock Grizzly. This pup was purchased at six weeks of age, just because of a certain look in his eyes, and he became ‘PR’ Taylor’s Rasputin. It turned out that Rasputin became more of a companion — and champion — than could have ever been imagined. I think God sent me this dog.

Rasputin got me to get some exercise, but at five months old he started treeing his own coons. The first time I took him hunting, he treed a coon and held it by himself, in January in the cold weather. I began entering Rasputin in contests, and he began racking up trophies in bunches. In September, 2009, at nine months old, he was high scoring registered dog on Friday night with a first place win at the Kentucky State Championship, and that’s when I realized this puppy might have a little something special inside. Rasputin set his sights on the next big competition. And in June, 2010, Rasputin won the United Kennel Club’s English Days Friday Night competition in Indiana. He was the high scoring English Male on Friday Night at 14 months old. Rasputin became a UKC Nite Champion and Grand Nite Champion in 8 straight hunts at 18 months of age.

In July, 2010, he won the Friday and Saturday night hunts and was the overall hunt winner at the United English Breeders & Fanciers Association sectional at the Long Hollows Coon Hunters Club in Somerset, Kentucky. He was the high scoring English male and received a qualifying letter for the 2011 UEBFA Invitational Champion of Champions Hunt. He had a record 6,000+ points with no minuses.

In October, 2010, Rasputin qualified for the ACHA World Championship in Hawesville, Kentucky. He has only been hunted in two ACHA hunts and won his cast both times.

He’s accomplished everything I’ve asked him to do and more. But Rasputin has been much more than just a winning coon hunting dog. It’s more personal than that. I think the Good Lord sent me this dog to keep me living. During all of these accomplishments, I found out I had cancer. When I found out, Rasputin would just lie beside me and cry. People wouldn’t believe this dog, he’s so compassionate. I’ve never had a problem with him. There are dogs that are eight years old that haven’t accomplished what he has accomplished. I let my friends do competitions with him, because my cancer would not allow me to do more with him. And they won with him, too. Especially, Donald Taylor of McKenny, Kentucky, who no matter when, no matter where, was always there to help hunt Rasputin. Rasputin has got quite a reputation in the English Coonhound World. He’s been a prayer answered. Many have offered large sums of money for Rasputin, but I refuse to part with my friend. He’s my little buddy. He’s been with me through heart attack recovery and cancer. People want to come from all over the United States to hunt with him. They call me all the time and ask, ‘Can we just go hunting with the little dog?’ He’s the talk of the English Coonhound hunting community. Unfortunately, Rasputin has not been hunted like he should have been hunted, but I could ask no more from a dog than he has already given. He is proving himself as a producer of pups at a young age. Rasputin should prove himself as a proven UKC Performance Sire before the end of 2011 --- All of these accomplishments, before the age of two years. Many thanks especially to my wife for her unwavering support and all of the coon hunters all over the United States who have supported Rasputin and me. There are not enough words to describe Rasputin.

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