2013 CoonDawgs.com Hound of the Year Race

CoonDawgs.com is proud to present the 2013 Hound of the Year contest. The contest is open to CoonDawgs.com registered members owning registered dogs competing in AKC, PKC, and UKC Nite Hunts. The Contest runs from Jan 01, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013. The contest will reward the highest scoring dog of the year. Your points from each cast win will be added and the dog with the highest point total at the end of the year will be crowned 2013 CoonDawgs.com Hound of the Year.

In the event that of a points tie, the winner will be decided by least cast wins.

To nominate your dog, add your dog to the Nominate thread. Email points total from each hunt to scores@coondawgs.com. No dog will be able to be nominated after Oct 31, 2013. Submitted points will not be accepted if dog has not been nominated. You will need to submit the points, kennel club, and date when emailing your points.

Each month, the leader scoreboard will be updated to see who is leading in the race.

Visit the Hound of the Year forum for more info as well as to Nominate your hound: Click here

Your dog will be featured on the 2013 Hound of the Year page for all of 2014 until the 2014 winner is announced.

Example Points Submissions:

250+ PKC on 04-10-2009
775+ UKC on 05-22-2009
500+ AKC on 05-29-2009

Points Total: 1525

The overall winner's points will be verified through the Kennel Club the points came from.

Incorrect scores will be tossed out if they are not correct -- If at the end of the year while verifying scores, the score is listed in the wrong Kennel Club, the score will not count. It is your responsibility to submit the correct score information. Final year end points due by Jan 3rd 2014 - no final points submissions will be accepted after that date.

2013 CoonDawgs.com Hound of the Year Prizes and Sponsors

The 2013 CoonDawgs.com Hound of the Year will receive a Trophy Plaque as well as "Garmin Alpha GPS Tracking System" donated by Garmin, a "Night Razor Light" donated by Tri-Tronics, a Garmin TT10 Collar donated by DU Supply, and a "8 x 10 Custom Art Print" of their dog donated by Your Custom Dog Art.

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