That All Night Hunt

Written by Hugh Stephens

There lies my ole coon hound "bun"
   Asleep in the noon day's sun.
Last night, weather just right,
   We really had some fun.
that last ole coon just run and run,
   And when we got home,
It was half past one.

I was up at five, just half alive,
   Now I'm not kidding
this is no jive.
   My ankles are swelled,
And I don't feel well.
   If I make it today,
You can never tell.

But, Bun
   You ole son-of-a-gun,
You can sleep all day,
   Only at night do you ever pay.
You have
   No dealines to meet,
No note-holderrs to greet--
   Why, boy you really got it sweet!
Sometimes I wish I had four feet.

Why, you ole racal, I serve your meals,
   Right at your door,
Now who could as for more?
   But don't look so sad,
I am not mad,
   Nor even sore.
It's just that I'm wondering
Leads this dog's life anymore?

This I have wrote, and now I quote,
   To understand you
Must be a coon hunter of note,
   Who has hunted from darkness to
And seen the sight
   As the great black night
Gives way to the light from the east.

We thank our God for all
   He has given and done:
Then head for home--
   Today's chore must be done.

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