He Gave Her Back In Pieces

Written by Lynn Wilson

Dedicated to the memory of CH PR Reverend's Amazing Grace

3/8/1998 - 8/15/2000

She was in my life for such a short time,
but she'll live in my heart forever.
But I've yearned and wished for another like her
with a bond that would never be severed.
Through many years and many dogs I searched but couldn't find
a dog with all these special things
that defined Grace in my mind.

So I went to my Lord for the answers,
my head bowed deep in prayer,
asking Him for another special dog,
asking when he would send her and where.

The lord said my child she's there with you.
If you'll only look you'll see,
I've sent you her essence in many dogs,
in perfect harmony.

That look of devotion in her eyes
that promised to love only you
that seemed to come from her very soul
Dixie has that look too.

Her breathless beauty, her pretty face,
that you so profess to miss,
you can't deny that is what you see
every time you look at Priss.
That eternal naughtiness she had,
that you so loved to hate.
That frustrated yet amused you so,
I sent to you in Nate.

Her silly tricks, her special way
to cheer you up when you're down,
I sent to you in Sadie,
that silly, clowny hound.

The way she'd visit folks at the nursing home,
and give their spirits a lift,
that special act that made you so proud
is Bubba's special gift.

And her sassy, saucy attitude,
her quirky sense of humor,
so recently you've found again,
in the pup that you named Rumor.

With tears in my eyes I realized
that all He said was true.
All the things in her I'd missed so much
he'd given to me anew.
He didn't return her in one son or daughter,
or any of her nephews or nieces,
He gave her back in the most generous of ways,
He gave her back in pieces.


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