Coon hunting with hounds

Bawling Hounds

Written by Amy Kendall

The day is done, I'm homeward bound
Up the driveway, you can hear the sound
Just over the hill are barks from the kennel
Hurry to feed so their bellies can settle
Back to the house, chores to be done
Leave nothing for her, "ain't that right hon?"
Gather the gear, lace up my boots
These woods 'round here, they are my roots
Up over the hill Redticks are bawling
Singer and Sansa, coons are their calling
Hook the leash to the hound going tonight
Still in the kennel, barking at the fading light
She's in the haul box, I'm in my truck
Drive to a spot, hope we have some luck
Unsnap her leash, off she goes
A hot track, nobody knows
I hear the sound, did she strike?
Track her down, start the hike
The song she sings, "look at me!"
For my master, I have treed

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