The Best Friend I Ever Had

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You know people always ask me why I look so sad, it's because I lost the best friend I ever had. His name was Hammer and he fit the name well because when he open that big mouth it was like hitting a nail. Thunder rolling across the midnight sky, Lord I will never forget those night's like that, going to the tree looking up and seeing the coon that was there hammer treeing his best for me to see and then stopping and looking back at me. It was as he was saying daddy see see see! Then I would pat him on the head and say good job son, little did i know he would soon be gone.

I still remember the day he left, he waited for me before he met death. I came home from work and it was starting to rain so I thought I better check on him before the weather got to bad I had him on a chain and I figured I better put him in the pen, so grabbed my leash and started him to the pen and that's when it happen, he feel over dead. I reached down and grabbed him with all of my might hugged and kissed him and told him he would be alright. Tears falling down my face I was sure he would be because my daddies in heaven and he loves hunting to and him and Hammer will get along just fine under that oak tree and soon I will be going to meet them their and all of use will have fun in the midnight air.

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