Bear hunting with Dad, Pawpaw and Friends

Written by Tyler Wilson

Last Saturday me, my dad, my papaw and a crowed of other people went bear hunting. Well to start of with all the dogs struck a coon at 6:00 and we got them off of it and at 9:00 pm we turned them back lose.They didn't go, they wondered around. At 12:00 am my Jake dog started barking. He had struck a bear and then my other dog went and behind him all the dogs went. Out of the 20 dogs we had there, my Jake dog was the only one fighting the bear. Me and someone else tried to keep the bear down the bank but it came up any way, and where it came up at was so close to I could have touched it on the back. When it came up my Jake dog was biting the hide of it. You could see on the bears back where it was bleeding. And it wasn't 5 mins later they had it cornered and me and a guy name Steve went to it. He never stopped walking. He walked Steve to death. We finally got to him and he took off, so the other guys fourwheeler was about 5 miles up the mountion, so we went and got it and drove it down to them. We waited for the dogs to come out, they was so tired they stopped and a girl I know that was there caught them at 2:00 am. We went back down to the truck and loaded them up. We left it was a fun trip and I would love to go back.

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