A Coonhunters Dream

Written by Willow62761@aol.com

As the foggy night fell upon my brother and me, a chill came to my cheek. Its been hours since I have last heared the dogs. I wandered through the woods with only a dim light to guide me and my big brother by my side. All of a sudden we froze to hear a shrill scream like a bark, "Strike Wicked" I called out after hearing another bark, as we waited her bark grew longer and louder.

Once again I spoke with the chatter of my teeth, "Tree Wicked", as we rushed to Wicked, other dogs rushed in to see what was happening. We came to a clearing revealing Wicked quickly barking and swiftly jumping up the slimy tree. Wicked was screaming with excitement, and the other dogs were coming in from all over to see what all the racket was.

I made my way through the crowd to see my magnificent dog perform. I was delighted when I saw her performing her best, clutching the tree as if she would never let go. A sudden ring came to my ear, I opened my heavy eyes, it was all a dream. A lump raises from the foot of the bed sliding up towards me. Wicked raises from the darkness of the blankets licking my face with her warm wet tongue. A smile came to my face as I muttered to myself I have the best dog in the world CH 'PR'Wicked Wins!!!!

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