Clyde the Coon Dog

Written by Justin Price

Clyde is a dog who loves to hunt a coon

We would eat and get ready and get packed around noon

He is nice and strong, a beautiful Walker.

My buddies gave him the nickname, “The Midnight Stalker.”

We would get ready early because we have a long, long drive

When we get there, he would get out of the box, with a soaring dive.

Once he got out he could always get on a trail

Hunting a coon is something Clyde could never fail

I would hurry and get ready, and grab my gun,

I heard him barking and I knew we were about to have some fun

I finally found him and I would shine the light

He looks like he could do this all through the night

That dog could run any coon up a tree

“I’ll get him now buddy, go take a pee.”

We got our coons and the night is late

Clyde sure is happy. This is his fate.

He will keep hunting coons until he can’t any more

He isn’t going anywhere though, he’s just only four.

He loves coon hunting, I can see it in his heart

Clyde and those backwoods will never depart

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