Coon Dog Heaven

Written by Melvin

Like a coon dogís howl
On a moon lit night
There was evidence in the air
That something was there.

I studied the sky,
Longing to be consoled
As the death of a loved one
Left a chapter untold.

Of the story of a woman,
A lover of the Lord,
Who surely had passed on,
To a greater reward.

But death has a way
Of bringing with it a load
Of doubts, and of fears
And the facing of tears.

But this time was different
A miracle to uphold
When the sky formed a vision
Of a future untold.

Through the tears and the fears
I now could see
A farm house, a chimney
And a path filed with glee

All lined with silver
And laced with gold
This picture of the farm house
Was painted for me

Out of clouds and sunlight
I now could see,
How heaven was all
That heaven could be.

It was the most amazing sight
Where there was no night
And all our dreams
Were made perfect and right.

And there were my grandparents,
No crying at all,
Just dancing and shouting
and having a ball

They were telling those wondering,
As they laughed at the moon,
How to live so joyously
With death coming soon.

Death, they explained,
Is the gateway to joy.
Heaven is real,
Your dreams to employ.

So donít hold on too long
To earthís crusty life.
Its good for a while,
But chocked full of strife.

Its heaven you want,
All dreams to fulfill.
Youíll be so excited
Youíll never sit still.

So as your faithful dog
Pointed up as a sign
You know there is something
Up there you will find.

Its an amazing place
More dreams to abound.
And amazing grace
With the sweetest of sound.

So sing of this place
With a faith so profound
Its a land where your longings
Will finally be found.

For Richard and Margie, Kenneth and Mary Lou. Remembering all the good times on the farm, coon hunting and riding the horses. Christmas at Grandma and Grandpaís and going over to see Margie and Richard .. and always having presents to open from Margie and Richard. With much love! Thank you for being an important part of our lives! We all love you very much!

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