Written by Dee-Dee M.

Not in a million years would I have guessed, I would love a man who put his dogs before me.

If he'd only put his hardwork, effort and time towards doing the little things that mean a lot to me.

When he gives me cash , and says "here's some money, go shopping, I'm going to a hunt". The money never buys his time with me.

If he only knew when I see him walking the dogs through our acres of hills full of crunching fallen leaves, I stare out the window and wish it was me.

I know continous hunting with the dogs, is important to prepare for upcoming events. But, so are weekend events spent with me.

When he's on the phone making night hunting plans, I wish he was making night reservations for him and me.

The truck has more miles hauling dogs than hauling me. And, the 'tracking collar' seems to be more important, than the time and money to fix the leaky toilet that needs his care.

Can you believe he makes money selling puppies and fur, which, by the way- I never see. And yet, he has the nerve to ask me to feed the dogs?!

His birthday is coming up, and, his birthday list is small-A dog collar, racoon scent, and a coon squaller, all of which I'll have on (with nothing else). Oh, won't he be suprised when he comes home tonight!

You know, he says he needs me, and loves me. Sometimes I wonder why, but, just maybe it's because his dogs can't do all the things that are most important to him, like me.

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