Coon Huntin

Written by Derek Arrington

The sun went down and I loaded up
Put the dogs in the back of my truck
Grab my coat and grab my gun
Cause tonight we're gonna have some fun
I cut the hounds loose into the dark
And listen for their bawled mouths bark
The moon is full and shines real bright
The coon will probably run far tonight
Ole Bo and Pete struck upon a trail
I could tell by their barks they were hot on his tail
I was getting excited, they were raising hell
Burnin the hair off that old ring-tail
They tracked him up onto a bluff
This old coon was gonna be tough
They chased him deep into the night
Until their mouths began to get tight
I figured they were getting close to stoppin
When all of a sudden they started choppin
The hounds have reared upon the timber
This was gonna be a walk to remember
I took off runnin up the mountain
I was sweatin like a water fountain
I got to the dogs and praised em-up good
Speak to em hounds, Bo get on that wood
I shined the tree and seen his eyes
Coon you were smart but it's time to die
Shot the gun and down he came
My blue hounds waiting to play their game
The fight had started the coon went to screaming
Ole Bo and Pete had turned into deamons
I leashed my dogs and started back
To tack his skin onto my shack

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