My Dog's Last Fight

Written by

It was a cold winter night night,
in the distance I hear a fight.
It is between my dog and a coon,
fight under the bright winter moon.

Then I stop dead in my tracks,
and listen as they exchange attacks.
Each animal can't go on much more,
then my thoughts began to soar.

I heard my hound cry so I began to run,
my legs felt like they weighed a ton.
I looked at the sky and then i said,
"Please don't take my hound away."

I saw in the tress on this winter night,
owls listening to the fight.
My dogs cries grew close and loud,
Then my heart began to pound.

Then on the cold winter floor,
I saw my crying dog and nothing more.
I ran to her and put her head on my lap,
and looked at her deep cuts from the coons attacks.

She must have lost to much blood,
because what happened next made my heart slide like mud.
She looked up at me and licked my face,
then she closed her eyes and went to a better place.

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