My first Dog

Flora Bye

My first coon dog was a blaked back walker. The first nigth me tyler took him out he ran down to the back of a corn field Mosse strike we sit there listing to the sweet musce about 1 min later he got tree. I looked at tyler and said tree my dog. We walk down there was momy 3 little kits. We pulled him off the tree. And walked back down to the other end of field.

We cut moose loose he strike a nother coon It took about 5 mins later there he was treed. We walked to him we turned our lightes on threre was a big oh boar coon Tyler put the light on him I pulled the tigger there the coon fell out. Mosse got hold of that boar mosse whor it as a hat for a 5 secondes than he throw him off his head they fought for little bit more mosse killed him he was tore up a little bit.

We cut him lose a he ran down a blue river for a little bit and got treed he barked 10 times on tree and he stoped barking. We walked up there up a big hill ,we got to the top looked over thier he was he fell off a side of a bluff on to a buch of big rocks will treeing. I ran down to the botom there he layed with and broken back and a cut open up head. he was just in pain so i had tyler to shot him we burided him. We put him right under the tree he had tree that boar coon under long with the coon.


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