Friends of Mine

Written by

Through the woods and beyond the sticks
Around the curb and beyond the ditch

There awaits two beautiful pups full of ticks
Both different for only you to tell which

Through the dark and around the dim
There they go and start to swim

A splash of water amongst their feet
Their voices carry without defeat

The chills among my spine that lead into my heart
It all started from the time I had them, the time from the start

Raised from a pup into my friend
I know they will never leave me even in the end

The voices of the two continue to pick up
All of sudden we soon know bandit is now up

My light finds the robber, the robber of the night
Instead of knocking him out we leave him, leave him for another night

We hurry on back and jump in the truck
We head on home, on home with good luck

Another night has been spent
I am glad we all got together, I am glad we all went

Friends of mine, friends of many
Some even have had many, a many of plenty

Some so many, to many to list
Friends that only coon hunters knew could exist

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