Coon hunting with hounds

A Good Wife and Coon Dog

Written by Pat Sullivan

A good wife and coon dog, Two things hard to find,
One or the other, seems most of the time.
A good wife stays home a tending the kids,
Cleaning and cooking ever what needs did.
A good dog waits for the master to come,
To go a huntin to tree and to run.
Hunted sixty two nights once, never missed a beat,
A coon dog in training, I went without sleep.
My wife got sore, the first ever showed,
I was sure she was mad she was packing her clothes.
I thought real hard, and at a fast pace,
Had to change her mind, she was leaving this place.
So I grabbed a bag and in clothes I threw,
Said if you’re a leaving, I’m going with you.
Now twenty seven years, and we’re still together,
Happy as frogs in a pond, croaking for pleasure.
I’m still a huntin as much as I can
Tried the sixty two once but never again.
A lesson well learned, if supper you get,
Leave the dogs in the pen, till mama you pet.

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