Written by Skylineracer80@aol.com

Hammer when I first saw you I knew you were the one
The other six were nice but you were the best
Even though I had no money to spare my buddy bought you for me
Even though my dad was furious when I brought you home he grown to love you

Hammer six months have past and finally you are mine
Hard work paid off the 150 dollars I owed Jake but at last it is right
I still remember that first time we showed you that coon even though all you wanted was the hot dog
you still came through in a mad barking fury

It was good watching you chase that coon through that field knowing you could catch it but you only wanted fun
Hammer them times when you would tree me on the trampoline cause you not jump up
Hammer those time when you would chase my sister and me

Hammer I was sorry to announce I had to sell you cause of my parants divorce
them nights I spent posting on message boards trying to sale you
But know one ever said anything

Hammer but now I am proud to announce that I won't have to sell you
Hammer even though now you are 11 months old and pure coon hating muscle when it comes to fighting one
even though you have never treed
I now know why no one posted to buy you cause me and you were meant to be
the good Lord helped me out on this one
and I dont want that to change
Hammer you old pup the best dog I ever had!!

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