One Hell of a Dog

Written by Zachary Langford

The night was young the dogs were ready and the old man could feel an eerie feelin in his bones that tonight somethin bad is goin to happen. But feelins’ have steered him wrong before so he pays no attention to bad feeling. He grabs his light, kisses his wife bye, and heads to the dog pin to grab Ole Blue.

Ole Blue was a hell of a hound worth more than any dog in the world, or at least that’s what the old man thought. If Ole Blue started treeing you better head towards the tree because you can guarantee that there will be a coon in that tree. The day that dog miss- trees will be the day that I start hunting walkers and stop huntin red and blue ticks. In other words that dog aint gonna miss.

As the old man got closer to his ancient old huntin spot the feeling that struck him earlier haunts him even worse. He parks the truck takes a deep breath and says, “Be with me tonight dear god.” He gets the old blue tick out of the dog box and whispers to the dog, “Be extra careful tonight little man.” He lets the dog off the lead and watches him head into the woods, the fired off like a cannon.

The dog tracked through the woods for about five minutes then struck, he was hot on the trail now. The dog trailed that coon for around five minutes then treed hard. The old man turned on his light and headed toward the dog and he couldn’t help but to notice that he heard something else running through the woods, he was puzzled because it was way to big to be a deer and to fast to be a human. He then heard ole blue let a loud painful yelp and the old man just froze in his steps and listened thinking that coon may have jumped out and caught hold of ole blue then he heard sounds like a hog was near. He then knew that coon hadn’t caught hold of ole blue a hog had so he went as fast as he could to get to the dog. When he got to the dog the fight was on and the dog wasn’t doin so hot. He grabbed his gun off his shoulder cocked and fired nine rounds into that big ole hog and it dropped dead. But then he noticed that hog wasn’t all that looked dead. He fell to his knees by the old dog and the dog was still breathing so he said a little prayer,” lord I have been all over the place with this dog amazed every coon hunter within a thousand miles and I have raised this dog from its birth fifteen years ago. Please don’t take him from me now.” He picked up his gun and dog, and headed towards the pick-up, he raced down the road and when he got to the house he bandaged up the dog best he could. He laid that dog down on a comfortable pallet in the floor and went to bed. The next morning he went to check the ole dog and when he found the dog he wasn’t breathing. A tear came to the old mans eye and he said” I will never forget you and I will always make you proud, I will never find another dog as good as you.” He buried the dog under the willow next to the house and fixed up a nice grave stone.

The old man hunted for the next twenty years and he always thought of ole blue. Like he said he never found a better dog. He died twenty years later at the age of 89 he was buried next to the dog under the old willow.

Wrote by an American coonhunter: Zachary Langford

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