A Man and His Dog

I know a man, Ol' Burd's the name,
He hunted his dog, not for fortune or fame.
Lil' Cop was a natural, he knew how to tree
He had all the ability unlike most you would see.

Cop started early, he was still just a pup,
Yet at three months old, he was done loading up.
He hated a coon and loved to tree, he
Was the smartest dog I ever did see.

He could run a cold trail, or one burning hot,
He was always alone more often than not.
He was a loner, liked it all to himself,
All the more trophies to add to the shelf.

He was a Nite Champion at 13 months old
And how Ol' Burd loved the stories he told.
You could see it in his eyes, feel it from his heart,
I guess that's why they will never depart.

Copper is his buddy, companion, and friend,
A love that deep knows never an end.
They share the same passion, it's deep in their heart.
A man and his dog, they'll never depart.

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