Just Coon Huntin'

Written by Kaleb Scott

Many nights we chase through the woods
Lazarus, Dad and Me
Through the hills and the hollors, river bottoms and mud
We talk quietly

About all sorts of things; life, hounds and girls
The kinds of things a boy can't say at home
Around Mom and the girls

Chasing the black masked bandit, Oh what a wonderful game
Sometimes he wins, sometimes we win
The odds are about the same

Now the silence is broken with a loud dying bawl
That's Lazarus struck
We know it won't be long at all

I know Dad is smiling as we walk slowly to the truck
The odds were with us tonight
And the coon was out of luck

And now the hunt is over as the snow begins to fall
School will be out tomorrow, it is pretty heavy after all
Wishing Grandpaw could be here too
But we knew he watched it all

And many nights hereafter through the forests and the creeks
Grandpaw watching over us
Lazarus, Dad and Me

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