My Best Friend

Written by

You ask me who is your best
Iíll tell you who it is itís my
Walker Coonhound Jammer..

Itís because she has a heart of
Steel she will be there for me.
Know Matter what trail that dam Ring-tail leads us on.
She will be one of many that
Will get that dam old ring-tail
So enough about me and lets get on to the way she treeís I stand at
The edge of the woods and
Listen for her to tree. And
When she treeís Ill be there
To see the fat Ring-tail sittin
In the tall old Oak Tree wattin
For me to see it in the tree.
Not many men can say we
Will be there for each other
All the way . Iím not sad to say My Best Friend and I
Will tree them all the WAY!!

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