My Dawg

Written by D. Fleck

My dawg jesí wantsta
Be a dawg.
Donít want no fluff-
No poodle puff.
Jesí me aní you
Aní scratchiní, too,
Jesí me aní Dawg,
Jesí me aní Dawg.

Donít need a can, no,
Fresh raccoon
Is jesí his thing
A little tang
And barbeque
Is all I need
To feed my dawg,
To feed my dawg.

Donít need a bath,
That stinky thang
Canít abide
No soap and rag
He likes to reek
And I donít nag
ĎCause heís my dawg,
ĎCause heís my dawg.

Donít bother me
With Pookie Poo,
Tiny wimps that
Canít even chew.
Iím happy aní
My dawg is too,
My dawg is too,
My dawg is, too.

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