Night Music!

Written by Arthur Jennings

One clear, frosty night in the woods by
   the marsh
Our hounds started whooping it up!
All singing like crazy, hit warm ringtail
Old Duke in the lead with the pup.

They splashed through the marshland,
   then circled back.
Hound music showed coon were in
The baying grew louder; the dogs had
   him treed!
We hurried on down with a light.

No eyes were in sight so we shined up
   the tree
And shook the top branches a bit...
Then out bailed the fightingest coons of.
   the year
Not one...there were three of
   them lit

The battle that follwed was worth all
   the time
We spend training dogs to run true.
It took all five hounds to round up those
   three coon;.
Old Duke, Bell, Bill, Huskie and

The fur was sure flying and yelps from
   the pup
Showed he too had joined in the fray!
The fight didn't last long; soon five
   sore, tired hounds
Were ready to call it a day....

We shouldered our prizes and started
   on back
All weary and footsore...but glad!
We knew in our hearts the grand music
   that night
Was sweetest could ever be had!

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