This Old Hound

Written by Von Ladner

You ask me why I like this hound, well there's a lot of reasons I suppose
I guess it could be the way he looks at me, or the nudge of a cold wet nose
Maybe it's the fact he will be there with me every step of the way
No matter what trials this old world may put upon us, each and every day

And it really doesn't matter to me, if some one likes him or not
Because in the end I know with him, I will not be forgot
For this old hound dog that you see, standing right here by my side
Knows that all my faith and trust is in him, he knows upon this I rely

You see my friend these days in time, not many a man can say
That he has a bond so strong in a friend, but his hound is there to stay
For this hound that stands strong with pride and eyes that speak the truth
There's not a thing in this old world, that for me he wouldn't do

So know that as I tell you this, there is not much here for you to see
Except for the fact that I know the love and devotion that this old hound has for me
And let me tell you this my friend, there's a bond between us that not many men will know
But I know in my heart that this old hound and me have many a place to go

We will walk through the rest of these years, that God sees fit to give
And if I should loose this dearest friend of mine, I just don't know how I would live
For my dearest friend has stood by my side, with loyalty and a bond so strong
Though the memories of the love we have and times we shared would help me to go on

So remember when this world leaves you, with not much to have and hold
There is a hound dog by your side, that treasures your very soul
If there is one thing in this world that you could take with you in the end
It's the love and devotion of that old hound, for he is your one and only true best friend

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