One Hell Of A Fight

Written by Zach Lee

Once upon a midnight light, I walked through the woods and heard a
scuffle, it was a fight
As I went through the woods, the sound got closer
While I was running, nearly tripping, the sound of a dog whimpering
As the dog started whining, whining as the coon grabbed hold
It's a big one, I thought, listening as the coon grabbed hold
Thank god, its only this, and nothing more

I distinctly remember, it was in the cold month of December
With each dying tree, has its shadow on the ground
Eagerly I wish for the kill, vainly I had thought of the dogs' skill,
For my dogs endless sorrow, sorrow for the dying coon
For the smart and courageous animal, for whom god made this fight between
the dog and coon
Brightness form the midnight moon

In the sad screaming certain scuffle from each animal I heard a loud rustle
Thrilling me - filling me with a lot of fears never felt before
So that now I'm running, keeping my heart beating, the screams of each
animal kept repeating
T'is some animals in the trees, watching this outrageous fight
Some animals in the trees, watching this outrageous fight
This it is in the bright moonlight

Presently my thoughts grew deeper, as I knew my dog was getting weaker,
"Help" said I to the lord truly your forgiveness I implore.
But the fact I was thinking, that my dog was so tired she was shaking
And so faintly the fight came to a halt, halt by the creek
That I scarce was sure that I did not hear my dog, thinking she had killed
the coon by the creek
As I stand in the bright moonlight I see my dog dead and nothing more

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