One Night With Jack

Written by Tylar Greenleaf

We wait in the dark
For the coonhound’s bark
When it comes we know
That it’s time to go
He’s got the trail
And we will not fail
To come to his aid
For we are his brigade
We grab the gun
And we’re on the run
We shine our lights
But not the very brights
(or the cop will come
and ruin the fun)
High into the tree
So we can see
The coons hiding there
With ruffled hair
We cock the gun and aim
And the gun goes BANG
As the coon falls to the ground
We release the hound
Both with lips curled and their teeth bare
They kill the still night air
In the moonlit night
There is a great fight
And when it comes to an end
He has done it again
And the hound carries his prize away

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