Our First Coon Hunt

written by Gerald

I picked up up this skinny little runt long eared black and tan pup last Christmas and she has really turned out to be a nice looking hound. She is around 8 months old now and a stout 55 lbs of pure energy! I skinned a road kill coon a few months ago and drag it around the yard then let her loose. She loves to play the game and quickly finds it. She really loves treeing squirrels too.

Last Saturday night I was driving home around 9:30PM and a couple houses from mine a coon runs across road in front of my car. I lived here 23 years and never seen a coon here. I looked at my wife, she knew what I was going to do. Now I live in down town small quiet southern town so this could get interesting. I called my neighbor and asked him if I could bring my pup over and see if the coon was still in his yard and they said go for it. I met my neighbors teenage boys while putting leash on Cry Baby Lou and they went and got flashlights. None of us had ever coon hunted before. I walked my pup over to the place I saw the coon and she started sniffing around real good. She followed her nose right up the sidewalk and on the neighbors front porch, turns left and goes to end of porch then all hell broke loose!

Holy cow, that dog and coon had some words or two! Next thing you know coon jumps off porch with Lou on its tail. Coon makes it about 10 yards to nearest tree and starts to climb it. It gets about 4 foot high and Lou jumps up and grabs its tail. Now we have another nasty and very noisy fight. The tree was ten feet from the road and coon gets away runs across the road. I see a car is coming and I run out to flag down the car which stops, next thing you know coon turns around and heads for me right in front of the headlights of the cars! Not Good! I am 56 years old and do not like the idea of being accosted by a horny ole pissed off raccoon! So I am running around try to get that coon off my ass wondering where the hell Cry Baby Lou is, maybe she stopped to do her nails or some other girl stuff??? Next thing you know Lou is on the coon again, THANK YOU LOU!!!!

By this time there are several cars stopped watching all this action in the middle of the road on a once quiet peaceful Saturday night and one lady is screaming in her car! Geeees! What next? Am I going to have to get a permit? Coon again gets way again and heads back across road to a magnolia tree (away from my skinny ass thank God! )and I grab my dog and whats left of my pride and call it a night. Too many cars out that night I said to myself. After the adrenalin wore off we all had a real good laugh! So tonight I am at Walmart and this little old lady who lives across the street from me comes up to me and with a smile and says, "I saw you running from that raccoon the other night!" Just great! They just have to see everything don't they?

Quiet Little Town
North Alabama

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