Mississippi Saturday Night

Written by Jerri Taylor

I've heard songs that remind me
But its nothin' likethe real music
I hear every Mississippi Saturday night.

The crowds cheering "go state go"
We're gonna win the SEC
Tailgating,radios blurrin' and the grill sizzin'
Just starts the night off right.

The four wheel drives are comin' out now
Ready for some mud slingin' hill climbin' fun.

When we think we've had enough
We let the dogs out.
Rowdy Blue strikes and Ramblin gets in on
The fun too.
Not long now and those Blue Ticks are gonna sing
Up that ole tree ............ruff ruff rufff ruffff.........

And thats the sweet sound of a
Mississippi Saturday Night.

The suns comin' up and the fun is done
Till we meet agian next
Mississippi Saturday Night!

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