The Southern Hunt

Written by Clayton Krause

Grab my coat, grab my gun to night were gonna have some fun. The dogs are howlin the coons a growlin. There hot on the trail nippin at his tail. Hurry! hurry! find a tree this coon is no longer free. The General Lee my faithful gun and all of a sudden that coon is done. In a quick motion were back in rush stumblin and tearin through the rigid brush.

On the horizon the moon is low givin off its last glow as the old rooster begins to crow. The night is over but we still have work as the dog and I give off a smirk. We walk in the gate a little to late. As I tack the coons apon the wall some lookin a little small but Johnny Reb and I got them all. The dog and I both start to grin cause tomorrow night we do it again

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