That Last Coonhunt

Me and my three best coondogs where on are last hunt to gether that night old smokey treeed that old coon when kat and old blad joned in not now that was are last hunt together,me and my husben never love any dogs as much as we did them.inever thought someone wold do something as bad as the people did us are locate amial sheter did us that next day they came and thay took them away from us.they told us a coondog should never be undr 60lb when thay now that a coondog love to run but ares nver got down to 50bl so they took the 2nd best thing that we have ever done away from us and till this day i can here me best frineds run thogth the woods liking for that old coon i we never forget them thay well all ways be here with no matter what i love my babbys forever i love you oldsmckey ,kate well never be forgoten.god is with us and i now that we will ment agen and no one can take that away from us.


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