The Hunt

Written by Zachary Langford

The Lights are charged and the sun is setting, the men are gearing up for another night in the woods. Their wives are telling them that they better not come in late or their going to get it, but they donít listen because their minds are cluttered with the thoughts of what mite be laying before them in the night ahead, as they load the dogs they joke around like best friends do, but when they reach that special spot and turn the dogs loose there will be no more joking around because now its serious.

Itís now serious because hunting isnít just something they do for fun itís their passion, itís what they poor their hearts into every single night, and itís what they put so much work and money into. Some may ask why, but a coon hunter will be the only one to every answer that question.

A coon hunter will tell you that its for the rush you get when turn those dogs loose and here that first strike on the trail, and when those dogs are trying their hardest to do what you trained them to do, and when you hear the sound of those dogs treeing every breath and letting of even for a second you get a proud feeling knowing you were the one that trained that dog, spent so many hours working and teaching to turn it into a good dog and a dog that any good coon hunter could respect.

Now as you head back to the house the men think that was a good night that is what itsí all about. When they make it home and put the dogs in the pin, they start to worry what kind of fight might lie ahead through the front door of their house, because they just remembered what there wives were trying to tell them before they left but the men were to busy thinking about the night ahead.

The fight is over and they are at home in bed, they start to think, That was a hell of a night and thatís what it is all about.

By: Zachary Langford

An American coon hunter

Thanks grandpa for getting me started in coon hunting and supporting in everything I do.

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