The Hunt

Written by Brittney

It’s getting dark outside,
And my hounds are barking loud.
I go outside to check on them,
And it simply makes me proud.

My pride and joy is in these dogs.
They make my life complete.
They’re better than the best.
Against anyone I would compete.

They’re ready for a hunt.
They’re ready for a fight.
I can’t just put it off
Because tonight is their night.

I get my hunting clothes,
And I load up my old hounds.
The excitement is so great
That my feet don’t touch the ground.

We get out in the woods,
And I finally let them go.
I tell them “Bring him back,”
And their thrill starts to show.

They take off through the trees
Trying to find that coon.
I start a little campfire,
And just hope it’ll be soon.

I enjoy the warmth and light,
But I notice it’s getting late.
I know they’ll make me happy,
So I just sit and wait.

I hear that final bawl,
And I know they’ve got him treed.
To my dogs I begin to go
With their voice as a lead.

I struggle through the trees
Following their loud howl.
I know that they’re waiting,
I wish I was there now.

I find my old hounds,
And I find that old tree.
Where they have the coon,
And where I love to be.

I look up into the darkness,
And I see their final prize.
I shoot the coon down,
And you can see it in our eyes.

We won another fight.
We won another game.
Because of this one though,
We’ll never be the same.

Every trip we take,
And every coon we see,
Makes us a better hunter-
A better hunter we want to be.

They look to me with pleased eyes,
They know it is the end.
But tomorrow is another hunt,
For me and my three friends.

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