My ol' man had a walker hound; Tony's the name. He was a big dog. He could run a cold trail or one burning hot, I knew that for a fact.

Well one night my ol' man got us kids ready to go. I remember when he told me go get Tony son! Well I went and got that dog I knew he was ready to go. I could tell by the way he pulled me. We loaded that dog up. We got to where we where going, which it seemed like forever, so we let him loose. I heard him bark a few times, I knew he had one goin'. Then he was treed! We went up to where he was, we looked up we seen the coon lookin down at us. We shot that ol' coon out of the tree and Tony put up a heck of a fight and he finally killed that ol' coon. That ol' dog wanted to go huntin' again but the light was goin' dead. So we headed home.

That winter I went to Tony and I found him dead froze to the cold frosted ground. I can still hear that ol' dog's voice still today. Now I wish that light wasn't goin' dead that night soIi could have had one more hunt with that dog. That last one was great though. THAT Ol' man hasn't hunted since. I never did understand why, but now I know why. No dog can replace Ol' Tony he was the best.


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