Tribute To A Friend

written by Clayton Curry

Dedicated to all the great dogs of yesterday but especially to Fritz, for his love and devotion.

He wasn’t especially handsome or outstandingly talented.

I wasn’t sure of his ancestry, but it must have been of the highest caliber, because he was strong, honest, unassuming and loyal.

Many times I asked for much more than he was able to give, but he never once complained or offered excuses.

When he failed, it was because I had failed.

When he succeeded and attained the highest degree of respect and praise from his peers, it was because he had the courage and instinct to go “one more mile” after I had given up hope.

When it was he who deserved all the praise and credit for a job well done, I stepped into the limelight and took all of the glory.

But he understood. He knew that I was weak and insecure, and I needed the pat on the back much more than he.

He always did his best, and never asked or expected anything in return.

He chose to overlook my mistakes and shortcomings, and he always made a big fuss when I got lucky and did something right.

When I wrongly accused him and said and did things I regretted, It was he who came to ask forgiveness.

He never understood my vulgar ambitions or false pride, but he accepted and loved me unconditionally.

I saw him look grave danger, and finally death, in the face, and never give an inch.

He was the closest and most understanding friend a man could ask for....He was my dog.

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