True Story

Written by Steve Kemp

I am 61 years old, and I have hunted all my life. Since my father died 40 years ago I have done most of my hunting alone. On February 8, 2011 I went hunting by myself. My Blueticks went west and out of hearing. About an hour later my tracker would loose them, then locate them. I thought my tracker was dying. I went to the highest ridge and finally heard my male dog treeing. My tracker said they were together, but I could not hear my female. This time I was able to get a compass reading on there location. Three hours later my male dog meet me. He lead me to a huge sweet-gum tree which had fallen across a creek. Then, I heard my female barking under the bank in the roots of the tree. I went down a ten foot bank and followed my male dog into the roots. My female was trapped due to the wet soil over her keep collapsing. The roots were the only thing keeping five feet of wet soil from collapsing. My male went back to digging out his sister. As I crawled on my side through the roots the dirt above began to fall once more. It took me back to Vietnam, when dirt would fall upon us in a bunker due to rockets falling near by. I almost shot her and left her due to her plight. I did not want her to suffocate, if the dirt continued to fall. All I could see well was her head. Apparently she attempted to turn around and her neck went around a root which trapped her. She could not go forward or backwards. I crawled to her slowly and could not break the green root around her neck.

I worked myself back through the roots and headed west on the creek and saw a house light. I shared my dilemma with a farmer, and he let me be borrow a saw. Furthermore, he went with in case I became stuck. I said a prayer and crawled through the roots again. I cut the root above and below her neck. I was unable to pull her out of the mud. So, we went back to his house for a shovel. As we were walking I felt a cold nose against my hand. I knew it was her before I looked down.

With the help of a tracking system I was able to find my dogs.
With the aid of my male dog I found his sister.
With the help of a farmer I had the right tool to free my dog.
With a serious prayer, and the help of God Almighty five feet of wet soil above remained above our heads.


Steve Kemp

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