A Story of Two Legends

Written by Maynard Corbett

My name is Maynard Corbett. I have been what you might call a "Coon Huntin Fool" for the better part of the last 26 or 27 yrs. I learned everything i know about coon hunting from a man I refer to as a living legend in this sport, Henry Joe Sutton. I was 3 yrs old the 1st time I went hunting with this man. I was so little, I couldn't swim to tread water on the way to the tree. So Joe or one of his two brothers Pete, or Ernie would stuff me in an old army haversack and away we went. We had some of what I will say even now were some of the finest hounds to ever sing the song of a treed coon. Rageing Anne, and Merchants Bounce. These were the grand parents or great-grand parents of almost every jam-up hound that has ever graced our kennel.

Anne, finally after many years of painful arthritis and heart trouble was taken to the big hunt in the sky. She had already put in her time and her race was run. Bounce, on his last hunt died in a fight with "Ol Man Coon" under the last tree he ever made. He broke the coons back and the coon cut him really bad.This was the only time i ever witnessed a tear in Joe's eyes.These were the days when the dogs were 4 real and actually had to hunt the coon. Let's keep the old ways alive and well.

Until we all meet on the coon hunting trail. God bless you.

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