Coondogs Hear What We Say

Written by T. Gray

We're going on a coon hunt today,
as we load up our dogs.We can hear them say.
Here we come Coons, we're comin' your way.

As we get to our destination spot and unload our trucks.
The Coondogs, tell us "Hey boys I hope ya'll dont get stuck.

We let the dogs go and we listen to go their way.
As they tree the coons, they say, "Hey coon your our dinner today"

As we watch the Ol' Walker dogs tree up or bay.
The Ol' Black N Tan, Bluetick, Redbone, English,
and Plott says, "Can we come out and Play"

We load our stuff, to get ready to come home.
Coondogs are standing around saying, this is our dome.

Now that we are all tired.And we're already gone.
Just remember you "Ol Bandit", next time we will
chew you through the bone.

They look at their masters, and say, " Us Walkers are good,
and we have plenty of time to play."

Did you hear what we say?

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