Why I Hunt

Written by Meri Wilbourn

Well my mom ask me why I like to hunt. and here is what I told her
I sat down and said there is nothing like going and tuning them old black dogs
lose it run throw my blood just to here them open up on a old coon
when you are just wanting to here them start chopping on that old coon
and when you get tree and you see that old coon sating up ward just
cant say what its like. so I told her she wold just have to go one night and she would
see why we all love it so much.and that is why us coon hunters love it so much
so late us do what we do best late us go coon hunting. and late them good old coon dog have there fun on that old coon.and that is what I call having fun. for us girls

the end of my sweet dream

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