Coon hunting with hounds

Coon Hunting Terms

ACHA- American Coon Hunters Association.

AKC- American Kennel Club.

Automatic strike dog- hound that opens on game as soon as it's released.

Babbler- a dog constanly opens when no track is evident.

Back track- dog that runs a track in wrong direction.

Barks per minute- amount of barks counted during each minute of treeing.

Bawl mouth- prolonged bark or voice of the hunting hound.

Baying- the act of barking at game that is cornered on ground

Bench- a small table used to stack hound on to be shown in a Bench Show.

Bitch- a female canine.

Blanketback- A color pattern. A black marking over the back that extends from neck to tail.

Bloodline- a dogs pedigree.

Breaking scent- scent of unwanted game that is used to break dog from pursuing unwanted game.

Brood bitch- a female used mainly for producing pups.

Broke dog- dog that is trained and will not run trash.

Brucellosis- is a disease of the reproductive tract which may cause abortion in females, infection of the sexual organs in males, and infertility in both sexes. Dogs should be tested before breeding.

Caged coon- coon placed in a live trap for training.

Cast- a group of four handlers and four dogs competing in a nite hunt. Or to turn the dogs out (Cast Out).

Catch dog- a dog that is used to catch game on ground.

Cat foot- Round, compact foot, with well-arched toes, tightly bunched or close-cupped.

Changeover bark- a noticeable change in bark type. Dog's bark changes from trailing to treeing.

Check in- a dog that will come back in if no game is found.

Chop bark, chop mouth- short fast barks.

Close hunter- dog that hunts close while looking for a scent trail.

Cold nose- the ability to smell and accurately follow an old track; sometimes referred to as a cold trail.

Crossbreed- hound that is crossed with 2 dogs (EX. Bluetick X Walker).

Dam- mother.

Dew claws- An extra claw or functionless digit on the inside of the leg.

Dog Box- Box built to go in back of truck for dog to travel in safely. (Similar to a dog crate)

DNA- accurate pedigree information proving hounds sire and dam.

E-Collar- an electronic collar used in the training of hounds. A shock collar is used for breaking dogs from running unwanted game.

Ear canker- an inflammation or infection of the ear.

Ear mites- are an external parasite that can infect dogs ears.

Finished dog- a dog that is fully trained to run the desired game only.

Freeze brand- used to permanently mark a dog with letters or design for identification.

Gator- one that frequently fights with other dogs.

Grade Hound- hound that has no registered papers.

Grand Nite Champion- title earned in kennel club nite hunts.

Gyp- a young bitch, normally one that has not been bred.

Heart worm- parasitic worm that lives in dog's heart.

Hot nose- a dog that works fresh game tracks that were recently made.

Ill dog- one that frequently fights with other dogs.

Junk game- any unwanted game.

Locate- dog opens bark when game scent is found.

Loose Mouth- a dog constanly opens when no track is evident.

Mange- skin disease. Demodectic (red mange) or Sarcoptic .

NKC- National Kennel Club.

Nite Champion- title earned in kennel club nite hunts.

Nite hunt- competition hunts for coon that are held by kennel clubs.

Off game- any unwanted game.

Open- refers to the action of a dog barking on trail.

PKC- Prohound Kennel Club.

Pressure tree dog- dog that will stay treed until you arrive at the tree. Will stayed treed with other dogs treed with it.

Pup trainer- older dog that is hunted with young pup to help teach and train pup.

Purple Ribbon bred- used by the United Kennel Club to show that a dog has at least three generations of registered ancestors in it's pedigree.

Rig Dog- a dog that will ride on top of the dog box while riding down the road and strike game.

Scent drag- a drag that has desired game scent on it that is dragged across the ground to lay a scent trail for training.

Scratched- dogs that are scratched are eliminated from a hunt.

Shining- the act of searching a tree with lights to find the raccoon is simply referred to as shining.

Silent- runs a track without opening (Barking).

Sire- father.

Slick tree- when the dog trees a tree that has no game (Empty Tree).

Split Tree- when dogs tree on separate trees from one another, it is referred to as being split treed.

Squalling- a sound made either by one’s own voice or by mechanical means that imitates a coon in distress. The sound is considered very helpful in locating coons while shining a tree.

Strike- when the dog barks or opens when it smells a track.

Stud- males hound that is used in breeding.

Super Stakes- PKC's breeders program to compete each year for cash awards.

Tight mouth- dog that does not open much on track.

Track- a scent trail left by a game animal.

Tracking collar- a collar that is used for locating location of a hound. Some are equipped with a tree switch to let you know if the dog is treed.

Trash- unwanted game.

Trash Breaking- the use of a e-collar to break dogs of unwanted game.

Training scent- a scent used to train dogs for desired game.

Treed- when the dog is at the tree with game in it and barking.

UKC- United Kennel Club.

Wide hunter- a dog that will hunt great distance to tree game.

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